Water War In Sri Lanka

Background in my own words:

After the Tamil Tigers refused to open an upstream sluice Sinhalese soldiers fought them near Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, with caused civilian casualties on both sides. It is believed by the Tamil Tigers that there has been favoritism by the government towards Sinhalese farmers because they have received better infrastructure assistance to water their crops. The Tamils see this as a plan for ethnic cleansing, and the fighting continues over the water sluice because it is the lifeline of the farmers there. However, as I have stated over and over again, this type of conflict will be more prevalent as water resources are diminished by climate change, privatization, and government interference. This is a poor island nation that is now suffering from the effects of war over a water sluice. People are dying as water is now being used as a political weapon. It is a tragic reflection on the true lack of humanity in this world. This current water dispute that seems to now be leading to all out war in Sri Lanka, is the result of years of ethnic conflict:


Ethnic Conflict In Sri Lanka.
The Tamil Tigers: Terrorists, or Freedom Fighters?

Tamil Tigers: A Fearsome Force

They kill children, so to me they are terrorists, and it is shameful that water is now being used as a weapon in this conflict. But also, in reading the history of this conflict, again we must take into consideration the economic oppression and disputes over land that led to the spawning of this group. It tends to remind me of another area of our world currently involved in a war for land and water as well.
Sri Lankan government rejects water deal

By Rahul Bedi in New Delhi(Filed: 07/08/2006)

Thousands of Sri Lankans fled their homes yesterday as the military resumed its artillery onslaught on Tamil Tiger rebels after rejecting diplomatic efforts to bring a halt to hostilities.European negotiators had sought a ceasefire after more than a week of fierce exchanges between government forces and separatist rebels fighting for control of a waterway in the north-east of the island. The fighting is estimated to have claimed over 400 lives.The Tigers seized a facility that controls the flow of water in the region last month. Norwegian diplomats said the guerrillas had agreed to open the sluice gates and provide water to thousands of parched civilians.But the government in Colombo rejected the deal to lift the water blockade, saying access to the vital site in the Muttur district was "non-negotiable". The dispute and the increasing violence is jeopardising a four-year "ceasefire".
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Water being used as a political weapon is despicable. However, for the 21st Century, this "blue gold" is the new oil.