It appears that globalization has come full circle with this as well, as now giant conglomerates race feverishly to control this resource that is our right. Large water bottling companies make huge profits selling water they claim is clean and safe while not only in many cases misrepresenting that claim, but polluting our landscapes with their plastic bottles while the water coming out of our taps is neglected. People, there is no other way I can say it, but that we are being screwed over royally concerning this water issue.

Why is it that you have to buy a 2.00 + bottle of water to have the false sense of security that you aren't drinking toxins, when that money could be spent towards making sure the water that comes out of your tap is just as good or even better? EXTORTION is what is going on regarding our basic right to water, and it is something that we must take aciton on now. In this article then, it was good to read that in this country there are civil action groups taking on the privatization of this right, and the waste and pollution generated from the privatization of our water. Legislatures across this country and municipal govts must also stand up to those who would dare to continue to cut even more funds from public works projects that only make conditions ripe for these large companies to come in and privatize our water systems.
Market forces seek to control the essence of life -- water

Water For Profit
This is a MUST READ.
The World Water Forum has been debating this issue and privatization of this resource around the world including the United States, and deservedly so. The bottled water industry alone takes in BILLIONS of dollars in profits annually, while people pay more for the water coming out of their taps. This is absolutely due to the Conservative agenda that is taking funds out of public works projects in this country, thus leaving them open to privatization. They have got ONE BIG RACKET going, and again the American consumer is the victim.It is time to wake up regarding this issue.

People need to be weaned off of bottle water as you wean a baby off it's formula in order to begin to reverse this cycle of greed that is holding the world hostage. Globalization, privatization, and government intervention regarding cutting the funds we need to modernize our current water systems is only adding to the problem that persists worldwide.I do not know how many times it must be impressed on the mind that this situation is also turning deadly. People fighting over and being killed for water. It is only a matter of time before the catastrophic effects of climate change and other factors then seek to lend a hand to the vultures out here waiting to capitalize on our suffering.

This is where we must then strike pre-emptively. This is where we must mobilize to tell our government in no uncertain terms that privatization of a resource that is our right to have is absolutely not wanted, and kills. From India, to Bolivia, to the Northwest United States, the effects of water scarcity and hoarding by large companies for profit is being felt. The World Water Forum may address these issues this week, but where will we be once it is over?

Why is the World Bank pushing for privitization while at the same time giving the impression it wants to help? Why is this issue not in the forefront of our discussion in relation to environmental, economic, and poltical policy? Why is the right to water not included in international law? HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO DIE TO ROUSE US ALL TO ACTION? ONE person cannot do this. This WILL take the concerted effort of hundreds of millions of people coming together to stand up for our right to survival! Will you be one of them? Look at this picture and say no:

Bangladeshi girl collects drinking water from a hole in the ground in Dhaka. Officials from 140 countries were set to issue a broad declaration on World Water Day, but will stop short of declaring a universal right to the precious resource for which two thirds of humanity face uncertain supplies.(AFP/Shariq Alam]

Then look at these links, and read about how you can also work to conserve water, appreciate it, and work to see clean safe water in the hands of those who need it most.
Water crisis now "one of greatest causes of mass suffering"

Big Water Companies Quit Poor Countries
You see, it IS after all, all about profit.

Final Declaration Holds Diluted View of Water as a "Right"
Why wouldn't the World Water Forum declare unequivicably that access to water is a human right? I think I know why, and it has World Bank influence written all over it.

Groups Demand Water Rights,Cite Millions of Deaths

Water, Use It Wisely
This is an excellent site we can all use regarding water conservation.
As the site name explains: WATER, USE IT WISELY.
Again, WATER IS LIFE, and it is worth fighting for.