Can Clean Water Save Rwanda?

Can Clean Water Save Rwanda?

Water for People Initiative

The genocide in Rwanda that happened twelve years ago is still having an effect on the people of Rwanda regarding a devastating water crisis. The first link describes what it is doing to gorillas there as well as people. The second link announces an initiative by Water for People to
address the issue.

Rwanda: Prime Minister Calls For Water Security

So without political will, the people perish?


WE then have to take the initiative. The problem is, without rainfall, there is no source for water if what they have is drying up. That's how wars start, in expecting others to share what they have. And they say man is a "civilized" species. These people do not only need pumps, they need to learn how to MANAGE the resources they have. Drip irrigation, rainfall catchement, etc. To not provide this information to areas in the world that need it is just immoral.