Americans Polled Regarding Safe, Clean Water

In a survey conducted of 900 people nationwide by Luntz Research Companies and Penn, Shoen, & Berland Associates dated March 2005, 86% of those polled support legislation by the U.S. Congress that would create a longterm, sustainable and reliable trust fund for clean and safe water infrastructure, which do not have nationwide at this time.

Regardless of age, sex, or political affiliation, Americans in the majority believe that the right to safe clean water is universal. When asked, " which of the following programs do you think is in greatest need of a dedicated trust fund that would guarantee Federal money to help state and local government pay for maintenance and improvements?"

The results were:

71%=Clean and safe water
20%=Roads and highways
3%=Airports and aviation


The five key findings per this survey were:

1: Americans want clean and safe water to be a national priority.

2: Voters expect the Federal government ro carry their fair share of the burden of protecting our nation's water.

3: The Federal goverernment has a responsibility to invest in water alongside investment in our nation's highways and airports.

4: Americans understand this investment has costs and they are willing to pay for it.

5: Voters are more likely to vote for members of Congress who support legislation to create a Federal Trust Fund for clean and safe water...and more likely to vote against those who don't.

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Trust Fund For Safe Clean Water

This proves to me that this issue is vital to the American people and is not just environmental, but moral and personal. Water is our life's blood, and we not only as Americans but as human beings in a global environment want nothing less than the cleanest and safest water. That is also the case in Somalia, Kenya, South America, China, Europe... etc. And that is also something that everyone in this world should be guaranteed and should have. This is a HUMAN issue.

We have the technology, the resources, and the ability to make sure all people in this world have the water they need to survive. However, the one thing we lack is will on a global scale. The will to stand up to those who would seek to undermine this basic right out of greed, from the World Bank to the corporations in collusion with them and governments to market this right as a commodity for their own profit over the costs to those who are now sick, dying and fighting for it in many places in our world, particularly in Western Africa, where this crisis is at its worst.

And in this country that is actually happening, and it is something we as Americans should be proud of. We are standing up to those who would seek to take our right to clean safe water away in this country for a price. We need to continue to do this and to also stand up for people around the world who now suffer daily in a severe global water crisis brought on by climate change/ pollution, political upheaval, and privitization schemes.

And this survey gave me hope, even though I am ambivalent about it. On the one hand, I believe the Federal government should be responsible for the maintenance of our water on a national level and in working with local, municipal, and state governments to provide funds. Especially in light of the fact that many states and municipalities have had to cut public works funding to put it towards other measures because the Federal government has cut funding to states leaving them to twist in the wind.

On the other hand, I would not be for this in regards to privatizing our national water supply, and as we have seen in regards to everything from our votes, to our healthcare system, to our military, that is exactly where I believe this would lead us. While I tend to be wary of that however, I took hope in that Americans in the majority see this issue for the moral issue it is as well as seeing the importance of water in our lives and the responsibility we all have in preserving it.

If we could only join forces in demanding this throughout our world in one loud voice, I do believe we could see our way through this crisis.