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Keep Talking...

We humans are so good at talking aren't we? For years we have been talking about how urgent we need action on climate destruction. Yet, for all the talk, all the ego, all the PR campaigns, the movies, all the politics, all the empty meetings we need to face this fact: we are closer than ever to destroying the very ecosystems that give us life. Air, water, oceans, forests, species, all under dire threat from human intervention.

So tell me, just how long do we wait for this great epiphany that is to come? What exact percentage of our world's forests have to be destroyed? How many people have to die from lack of water? How toxic does the Earth have to get? How many more have to die in extreme climate events? We humans as a whole are still in mass denial.

Take for instance Brazil. I see media ads for the Olympics that depict Brazil as a golden land. Truth is, it is rife with poverty, drought, political instability and now Zika virus which may be made worse by extreme cl…