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Water and the Spirit

From birth to death water is the source of all life. It is the lifeblood that flows within us and the world. Without it all life on Earth would perish. Water is sacred to Native Americans who see it as the blood of the Mother. It is used in rituals of life and rites of passage in many cultures. The Ganges is sacred to the thousands who come each year to pray in its waters. It is who we are.

For me water is our soul. It is the outward reflection of the kindness and love we have within ourselves. It also matters not what you believe or do not believe beyond this realm of existence. We are all part of the spirit of water. It is that which binds us- all species together. It is in that spirit that I am writing this because Pope Francis has come to America. He is talking about the moral crisis we face regarding climate change - and a huge part of that relates to water.

Yet so many still have not connected the dots between water, climate and our survival on Earth. The main emphasis now i…