Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fukushima Radiation IS Important (We are killing our own biosphere!)

Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Stranding Found With White Radiated Lungs

Japanese scientists are dumbfounded by the new discovery after conducting an autopsy on a large group of dolphins that where discovered washed up on a beach close to the Fukushima disaster site.

Each dolphins lungs were white, which is according to scientists, an indication of loss of blood to the organs - a symptom of radiation poisoning.

The translated article comes from EneNews:

Apr 11, 2015 (emphasis added):

Google Translate: Ibaraki Prefecture… for a large amount of dolphin which was launched on the shore… the National Science Museum… investigated… researchers rushed from national museums and university laboratory, about 30 people were the anatomy of the 17 animals in the field. [According to Yuko Tajima] who led the investigation. “the lungs of most of the 17… was pure white ischemic state, visceral signs of overall clean and disease and infections were observed”… Lungs white state, that has never seen before.

Systran: The National Science Museum investigated circumstance and cause etc concerning the mass dolphin which is launched to the seashore of Ibaraki prefecture… the researchers ran from the museum and the university laboratory… approximately 30 people dissected 17… [Yuko Tajima] of the National Science Museum which directed investigation research worker [said] “the most lung 17 was state with true white, but as for the internal organs being clean”… The lung true white as for state, says… have not seen.

Fukushima Diary, Apr 12, 2015: According to National Science Museum, most of the inspected 17 dolphins had their lungs in ischaemia state… The chief of the researching team stated “Most of the lungs looked entirely white”… internal organs were generally clean without any symptoms of disease or infection, but most of the lungs were in ischaemia state. She said “I have never seen such a state”.

This is what has been happening while the US is being distracted with media hype of Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump. Do you not understand now?

They have aided in the destruction of this planet for their own benefit and YOU are not to know about the true devastating consequences. Anyone who thinks a meltdown like Fukushima can happen with no residual effects to the planet and the species that inhabit it in all honesty is just plain ignorant.

There is a lot of $$$$$$ riding on you being kept in the dark successfully. We humans are surely for the most part an insidious creation. WHAT ARE WE DOING?


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