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Almost A Decade

Water Wars Are Here-We Were Warned

This August will mark nine years that this blog has been in existence. Nine years on Blogger, 45 years of my life. The link above is the first post written on Blogger in 2006. Neither the passion nor the dedication has waned in all of those years. There has been an increase in readership and my hope is that the information shared here has been shared with others and that it has imparted people with information they did not have before and perhaps even inspired action.

Water is shared by all humans and all species throughout our world. It is the one thing we all have in common- the one thread that binds all of our lives together.

To see that thread now being severed by our own hand is beyond tragic.

The day will come for the world as a whole when the true importance of water to all of our lives will be seen. I truly hope it is not too late.

Thanks to those who have sincerely supported my writing here and who have shared the information. Hopefull…