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Nepal Earthquake Takes Toll On Lives and Culture- Himalayas Correlation?

Water Aid Nepal

WaterAid has a physical presence in 28 districts across Nepal.

Before the disaster, nearly 13 million people in Nepal were without access to a basic, safe toilet and 3.6 million were without access to clean water.

An estimated 1,900 children under five die each year in Nepal of diseases linked to a lack of safe water, basic sanitation and good hygiene practice.

To read more about WaterAid's Nepal appeal, see: Water Aid-Nepal Earthquake


Help Rebuild Nepal's Schools

Please consider being a part of this. Food and water are important as is education.

Doctors Without Borders In Nepal

Doctors Without Borders is one of the most reputable organizations. I highly recommend them if you are looking to donate to help the people of Nepal.


UPDATE: 5/12/15:

From Euronews/Video

Expert:Equally Big Earthquakes Coming In Eastern Regions

Fresh Nepal Earthquake Kills Dozens, Triggers Panic

These poor people! Having to deal…