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Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam One Of Worst In Pacific History

UPDATE: 3-18-15Vanuatu Island Residents Forced To Drink Salt Water

In pictures: Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu (At link)

"People living on a remote island in the north-west of Vanuatu are having to drink harmful saltwater following last week's cyclone, the BBC has discovered. Residents of Moso say they are still waiting for outside help to arrive. Aid agencies have begun trying to access the country's small outer islands, but flooding has stopped their planes from landing in some areas. One pilot said the lush landscape had been transformed and now looked as if it had been destroyed by a bush fire. In addition to drinking water shortages, officials say there is also a desperate need for food and shelter, with tens of thousands of people now homeless.

Drinking saltwater is damaging as the more a person drinks, the more water already present in the body is rerouted to help dilute the excess of salt. It can lead to dehydration and death. The United Nations has revised the officia…

California Running Out Of Water

Addition 3-21-15:California Targets Wrong Water Wasters

NASA scientists contemplate that California may have only one year of water left before the point of no return as snowpack becomes less and less and El Nino makes itself known off the warming Pacific Coast now breaking heat records in California and Canada. Yet, big ag is still allowed to grow non-essential crops in the desert to export without rationing while people are penalized for watering their lawns. Sure hope that almond butter you bought was worth sacrificing an entire ecosystem. Unbelievable.

California Has About One Year Of Water Left: Will You Ration Now?

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

The sunrise illuminates the receding waters of Pine Flat Reservoir, one of California's most severely depleted dams.

By Jay Famiglietti

We're not just up a creek without a paddle in California, we're losing the creek too

Authorize mandatory water rationing across the state

March 12, 2015,

Given the historic low te…

Fighting For Water In Brazil

A Sea Of People Fighting For Water In Sao Paulo

The people know that governments are now using these droughts to facilitate their own prejudice against the poor to benefit the rich. Such is the case in Sao Paulo where 15 thousand protesters took to the streets at the meeting point in Largo da Batata to the arrival at Bandeirantes Palace, in Morumbi neighborhood which is the official residence of the governor Geraldo Alckmin .

Sabesp (Sao Paulo’s water management company) has been turning off the supply every day between 1pm and 7 am recently, leaving many in poorer areas without water. São Paulo and Sabesp are now being held responsible for the crisis and are being asked to reduce the impact of the crisis on the poorest population in lieu of increasing water rates scheduled to take effect this April (with no rain being forecast.) These rates further strap the poor while benefitting the wealthy.

This is the same scenario we always see where the wealthy are provided with what they …