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Effects of Arctic Amplification Being Ignored

Today is designated as National Weather Person Day. I don't know, but on my local station I never hear anything but the same terminology that has been used for decades even though scientists have conceded that extreme changes are taking place in our climate that are now controlling our weather to the point of loss of agriculture, water access and life. How can those who continue to keep the masses in the dark about a grave danger to our future and present be respected? How can we continue to sit silently as if nothing is wrong while these people who are now more celebrity on the whole than scientist continue to do the business of their fossil fuel sponsors?

Anyone with half a brain and two eyes can see the severe and extreme climate change we have set upon the world. The video above with Dr. Jennifer Francis relays the reasoning behind Arctic Amplification and explains why we have been seeing these extremes and blocks in relation to rapidly melting Arctic ice that has already …