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Sanitation For Health and Life -We Can't Wait

World Toilet Day alert: Feces-contaminated water used by 1.8bn people

Almost 2 billion people use excrementally polluted water, which poses not only a global health risk, but also flushes away $260 billion out of the world economy annually, according to a report published on World Toilet Day.

Regardless of the billions of dollars spent on sanitation and investments in water, 1.8 billion people are exposed to contaminated water, a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Water agency said Wednesday.

"If people don't invest in sanitation the costs are going to be incredible and health is going to be a big issue," Bruce Gordon, WHO’s water and sanitation coordinator, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"Extraordinary efforts need to be made now to take it to those remaining pockets of people who don't access water and sanitation.”

Most of the funds often neglect rural areas, where one in seven people, the reports says, still take their…