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Water Scarcity /Climate Change Through 2095

Water scarcity and climate change through 2095

Which means continued use of fossil fuels through fracking, tarsands, off shore oil drilling and also NUCLEAR must stop NOW. All climate policies that deem to keep water use and waste as part of its plan is a policy doomed to failure in a world of increased population that needs to be fed and sustained.

This article also mentions the year 2095...2095? Will we last that long?

63 trillion gallons of groundwater lost in drought, study finds

If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained

Newsflash to California: YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF WATER.

Sucking aquifers dry by drilling deeper and deeper combined with fracking may also be bringing on earthquakes:

Study FInds Link Between Drought-Earthquakes

Millions Of Dollars Of Spilled Wine Lost

And this:

The Elevation of Western U.S. Is Rising Due to Drought

California is now seeing towns without water at all and talk of migrating people out. However, where is t…