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World Faces Water Crisis By 2040

Report: World Faces Water Crisis By 2040

The world will face “insurmountable water crises” by 2040 if it does not move away from water-intensive power production. Two new studies released this week predict the world will have to choose between drinking water and energy demand in the next three decades.

The two studies—“Capturing Synergies Between Water Conservation and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Power Sector” and “A Clash of Competing Necessities”—have been published by researchers from Denmark’s Aarhus University, Vermont Law School and the CNA Corporation, a non-profit research and analysis organisation.

“It’s a very important issue. Water used to cool power plants is the largest source of water withdrawals in the United States,” says lead study author Paul Faeth, Director of Energy, Water, & Climate at CNA Corporation in a press release on the two new reports. “The recommendations in these reports can serve as a starting point for leaders in these countries, and for lea…