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REPOST (With additions) : Water Crisis Will Make Gaza Strip "Unliveable" -Water Used As A Weapon

Additions 7-22-14:

Gaza: Israel's 4 Billion Dollar Gas Grab

Palestinians Need Israeli Know-how On Water Desalination

Can Palestinian Gas Field Save Gaza Economy?

Well, based on the carnage we see in Gaza, IT WOULD APPEAR THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT IS RENEGING ON ANY AGREEMENT WITH THE PALESTINIANS REGARDING DESALINATION OR NATURAL GAS because they want it all...and thinking about it is that what Hamas really wants? To control it to also keep Palestinians poor and under their thumb? Of course, you won't see that in the US media either...

Where we could actually see REAL PEACE all we see is hate and GREED.

Shades of the Ukraine and Iraq and the US where fracking is an obsession killing our water and planet. In the end when realizing one of the main reasons for all of the mayhem and death in this entire area of the Middle East is because of the addiction to fossil fuels and $$$$$$ as well control of water it blows the mind.


Israel's Water Miracle T…