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Duke Energy Poisons More Water With Their Coal Ash

UPDATE: 2-15-14:

US Prosecutors Open Criminal Probe Of Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill

Sure looks criminal to me.

UPDATE: 2-11-14

Compensation/Salary/Stock Options-Lynn Good

I thought it would be enlightening to post the salary/compensation/stock option information for Lynn Good, now president and chief executive officer of Duke Energy to show how OBSCENE it is. While our waterways continue to be polluted and made unusable by companies like Duke Energy cutting corners to save a dollar it is only fitting to see what is so damned more important that the money needs to go to.


Massive Coal Ash Spill Chokes North Carolina River As EPA Considers Water Rules


A ruptured Duke Energy pipe in Eden, North Carolina, caused the release of up to 82,000 tons of toxic coal ash and 27 million gallons of contaminated water into the Dan River. "The ecological disaster that is unleashed here is going to play out in the order of months, if not years," said Matt Wasso…