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Local Reporter Puts Smug Freedom Industries President In His Place/Updates on West Virginia Chemical Spill

Elk River

UPDATE 1-28-14:

Freedom Industries Ordered To Tear Down Aging Tanks

So they remove the tanks after they have poisoned a river and the water supply of hundreds of thousands of people and escape culpability for the crime? I am still following news about this and will add news as I find it when I can. This is not to be forgotten but I fear it will be. It is already out of the news and not mentioned by the Obama administration at all as people still struggle to have water here. After all, the Super Bowl is much more important...

'I'm not a scientist': W. Virginia governor addresses water safety after chemical spill

Freedom Industries: More like 10K gallons of chemicals leaked into Elk River

10 THOUSAND gallons... but go ahead drink the water. It's safe. This is so despicable. Frightening to think of how many more tanks rusted, old, leaking-unregulated or inspected sit next to river banks in this country!

UPDATE 1-20-14:

Chemical-Related Hospital Admissions In West V…

TEPCO Withheld Fukushima Radioactive Water Measurements For 6 Months

TEPCO Withheld Fukushima Radioactive Water Measurements For 6 Months


Tokyo Electric Power Co. has withheld 140 measurements of radioactive strontium levels taken in groundwater and the port of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant between June and November last year.

TEPCO has been releasing the combined levels of all radioactive substances, including strontium, that emit beta rays, at the crippled nuclear plant. But strontium levels exceeded the all-beta readings in some instances, leading the utility to decide they were “wrong” and to withhold them from public releases, TEPCO officials said Jan. 8.

Previously, TEPCO officials said they had not released the data because the numbers were not confirmed.

Company officials on Jan. 8 insisted the utility had no intention to conceal information. They said they did not disclose the data simply because of inconsistencies in the information.

They said TEPCO will release correct readings after determining the cause of the d…

Australian Government Approves Destruction Of Great Barrier Reef

Australia Approves Coal Port Near Great Barrier Reef

"This week Australia approved the expansion of an existing coal port at Abbot Point near the town of Bowen in northern Queensland to handle projected exports from the Galilee Basin, an inland geological depression thought to hold vast coal reserves but where development has been hampered by lack of export infrastructure.

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has promised that some of the "strictest conditions in Australian history" will be placed on the developers, but environmentalists claim that the dredging required to enable massive ships to access Abbot Point will harm the World Heritage-listed reef at a time when it is already suffering from the effects of climate change.

"It’s hard to dump five-and-a-half million tonnes of mud and sand in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park without doing massive environmental damage," says Greenpeace representative Louise Matthieson.

Australian coal exports have j…