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TEPCO Plans To Dump ALL Fukushima Radiation Into Pacific Ocean ?!

TEPCO Plans To Dump ALL Fukushima Radiation Into The Pacific Ocean

Will the insanity and corruption that greed breeds now doom the Pacific Ocean? I don't think that is being overly dramatic either. It is only because of Japan's new "secrecy" law aiming to gag news about this and the US govt and media's total blackout of it that it makes those of us who are rightfully concerned be conveniently labeled "conspiracy theorists" to push discussion off the table. However, this is definitely something to be concerned about.

The Pacific Ocean is not owned by TEPCO. It belongs to all of us and to all other species that thrive- or at least were thriving in it.

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1 In 10 People To Face Water Scarcity If Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue

1 In 10 People To Face Water Scarcity If Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue

"Due to persistent greenhouse gas emissions, the number of people at risk of water scarcity will increase by 40% as the climate warms, says the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

According to an international scientific research project, known as the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISI-MIP), one in 10 people will suffer from absolute water scarcity if the earth warms by 3oC (3.6oF) above pre-industrial levels.

“The steepest increase of global water scarcity might happen between 2 and 3 degrees global warming above pre-industrial levels, and this is something to be experienced within the next few decades unless emissions get cut soon”, says lead-author Jacob Schewe of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

He adds, “It is well-known that water scarcity increases, but our study is the first to quantify the relative share that climate change has in that, compa…

Smarter Irrigation Returns Water to Arizona’s Verde River

It is so good to see this cooperation in understanding that because of climate change and other factors we as humans have to adjust how much water we use to provide the necessary balance between us and ecosystems in order for all to survive.

Oh yes and notice, it is solar power being used here. Also see:

Playa Lakes Initiative To Recharge Ogalalla Aquifer

"Realizing the importance of the Ogallala Aquifer to High Plains states, NRCS created the Ogallala Aquifer Initiative to attempt to reduce the quantity of water removed from the aquifer, improve water quality using conservation practices, and enhance the economic viability of croplands and rangelands in the region. This episode explains how playas fit into these goals.

This episode of Playa Country on the Ogallala Aquifer Initiative is part three of a five-part series. It originally aired on High Plains Public Radio Tuesday, October 15, 2013."

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Wetlands conservation- another p…