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Arctic Ocean Leaking Methane At Alarming Rate

Disclaimer: I want to add this disclaimer to cover any posts here regarding Methane feedback. I absolutely DO NOT support the geoengineering of our atmosphere through spraying of chemicals as a solution to climate destruction. This could well tip our atmosphere even further with unknown consequences. ANY references to it on ANY sources I link to here are not supported by me. I have added certain sources simply to illustrate and inform regarding the real concern we must have with methane feedback- which can be addressed though initiatives to decrease of CO2/methane emissions such as a ban on fracking as well as through sustainable agriculture, afforestation, renewable energy and financial incentives not tied to markets but that hold markets accountable. Thank you.December 8:

Living On Earth: Worrisome Arctic Ocean Methane leaks

Arctic Ocean Leaking Methane At Alarming Rate

A new study in the journal Nature shows that the Arctic Ocean is releasing methane at a rate more than twice what…