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I Give Thanks For Water

Soft, clean, beautiful, spiritual, replenishing, life affirming water.

Water is our heart, our soul, our very essence.

It is where we sprang from and it is what sustains us.

On this Thanksgiving and every day, let us give thanks for the one thing we cannot live without: water.

Let us also continue to fight for water justice and clean water globally for all.

Water is a right for all living things.

Water is life.

ISON-Comet Of The Century

UPDATE: November 30: Comet Ison Survives Perhelion

It appears to now be fading fast... but who knows?

Last night astronomers were putting the final nail in the coffin for Comet ISON, which had been streaking toward its close encounter with the sun for months, culminating with a perihelion (closest approach of the sun) on Thanksgiving Day.

Described as the “comet of the century” by some and predicted to just “fizzle out” by others, ISON has been a hot topic since it was first discovered by Russian astronomers on September 21, 2012.

While many were gearing up for what could be a spectacular show as the frozen chunk of gas made its way past the sun yesterday afternoon, it later became evident that the comet was on a one-way trip toward obliteration.

Or was it?

As the comet sailed past our solar neighbor late yesterday, astronomers monitoring the comet’s progress declared that it was unlikely that the cosmic visitor survived its encounter with the sun.

“At this point, I do suspect …