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World Sanitation Day

Yesterday, November 19 was the "celebration" of what is known as World Toilet Day. This is a day to acknowledge the crisis of lack of sanitation for 2.5 billion people on our planet and the 1.1. billion who still defecate in the open because of no sanitation facilities. It is also a call for a global response to provide hygiene and sanitation to decrease water borne diseases. Research states 2,000 children a day die from diarrhea related diseases. Two thousand children a day dying from something that is absolutely preventable by us. However, you don't see that on your local nightly news.

Sanitation is so important in having a world of health and progress. In many areas of the developing world young girls especially cannot attain an education simply because there is no sanitation (especially young women who reach menstruating age) or water access. Women are also in danger without sanitation access as they become targets of sexual attacks and women are more prone to inf…

The Philippines Need Our Help

UPDATE: November 20: All updated reports from MSF


Doctors Without Borders Emergency Relief Fund

Below is the most recent note I received from Doctors Without Borders regarding their work in the Philippines. The situation there is beyond dire-it is hell on Earth. I am going to post more information on this as well as more updated news on the fast for climate being conducted by Yeb Sano and other COP 19 delegates in Warsaw at this time. I have not been here in the last few days because I have been following the news and also because I have been conducting my own personal fast in solidarity as have others.

If there was any time when we need to come together as a human race this is the time. We can no longer allow the voices of the status quo to drown out the cries of those suffering from this.

Also, the clean water situation in the Philippines is non existent because water systems in these hard hit areas are now non existent and disease stalks those who contin…