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Typhoon Wipha Hits Japan, Misses Fukushima

No accountability for this?

Despite Deluge No Evacuation Alert On Island

"Despite the Meteorological Agency’s alerts for an “extraordinary situation” anticipated from powerful Typhoon Wipha, no evacuation advisory was issued on Izu-Oshima, a small island south of Tokyo in the Pacific, where at least 22 people were killed and dozens remain missing.

The failure to get residents to safety has angered those who lost their homes and has left many questions to address about the steps authorities took to issue warnings.

The Meteorological Agency has established yardsticks for issuing special warnings to municipalities when “once in 50 years” heavy rain is forecast — for periods of three hours and 48 hours.

In the town of Oshima, which covers the entire island with a population of just over 8,300, the thresholds were 147 mm in three hours and 419 mm in 48.Precipitation drastically exceeded both thresholds with rainfall through Wednesday morning hitting 335 mm in three hours and 824 m…

Blog Action Day 2013: Water- A Human Right Under Threat

Today as I sit to write my thoughts on this Blog Action Day 2013 I am filled with ambivalence. I do have hope that we will continue to see some progress on the important crises facing us regarding water access, quality and the degradation we see of this life giving resource due to corporate abuse and privatization, pollution, waste, political apathy and climate change. Despite all of the tragedies we see unfolding before us in places from Sub-Saharan Africa to Syria to more pervasive droughts and floods globally there are many who do know the true meaning of human rights and the role water access, quality, sanitation and dignity play in preserving both our planet and our species and who are working diligently every day to bring attention to it and take action.

However, in writing about human rights and the nexus between water, climate change and the effects we see in tandem with corporate abuse and politics there is no disputing that the current picture of our world looks bleak. Th…

Oceans In Critical State From Cumulative Impacts




This is one word you will never hear an AGW denier utter: cumulative. It is the one word that smashes any lie, red herring or misrepresentation they will give you in order to continue business as usual for their own comfort and financial state. However, it is the one word that you need to understand in order to see the urgency of what man has done and continues to do to the biosphere that gives all species life. This is even more urgent than the report issued by the IPCC. In the case of our oceans it is imperative because our oceans are the first link in the food chain and the first strand in the web of life.

I strongly recommend you click on the link provided and read this entire report as you won't be seeing this reported on your local news network where people are nothing more than robots giving you the news they are told to give you to keep …