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Cyclone Phailin To Hit India

UPDATE 10/13/13 Cyclone Phailin

The last report I read noted 13 people dead from the cyclone. The Indian Army and Govt should be commended for a good job in evacuating coastal areas before this huge storm hit the coast. Heavy rains are still continuing in some places as Phailin winds down. It is sad to see any casualties in storms like this but again good news that thousands were evacuated thus sparing much more loss of life. More will be added about residual effects of Phailin as I find it. Let us hope to see such a mobilization by all governments to prepare for the global effects of climate change we are already experiencing and those to come.


UPDATE: Phailin On Course To Devastate

What is of main concern now are floods and government response.

UPDATE on Cyclone Phailin

Time of issue: 2130 hours IST . Dated: 12-10-2013

(Red Message)

Bulletin No.: BOB 04/2013/34

Sub: Very Severe Cyclonic Storm ‘PHAILIN’ over northwest adjoining westcentral Bay of Bengal is cro…

Fracking In US Produced 280 Billion Gallons Of Toxic Wastewater



Fracking In 2012 Produced 280 Billion Gallons Of Wastewater In US

Unfortunately, all of this toxic water didn't somehow find a way to actually funnel itself to Washington DC.

As we saw recently with 20,000 frack wells putting our water, environment and health at risk during the recent floods in Colorado: FRACKING IS INSANITY.

In a world where we now see global water scarcity and lack of access to over a billion people, will we still stand for these people being allowed to POISON OUR WATER?

Here is a quote from the report linked above:

"Fracking produces enormous volume of toxic wastewater - often containing cancer causing and even radioactive material. Once brought to the surface, this toxic waste poses hazards for drinking water, air quality and public safety."


From page 4 of file linked:

Fracking wells since 2005: 82,000

Water used since 2005: 200 billion gallons

Chemicals used since 2005: 2 billion gall…

Mine May Open Next Year As Last-Chance Appeal Languishes

Additon 10/10/13:

Look at what is also happening in Wisconsin:

Scott Walker's Open Pit Mine

One of Wisconsin’s most beautiful and environmentally sensitive forest wildernesses is to be pierced with a four-mile-long, 1,000-foot-deep gash in the Earth for an open-pit mine to produce deadly taconite. Out of state Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) is nearing approval – through a rigged kangaroo court environmental review process – to begin industrially destroying a 21,000-acre chunk of land in the remote forest highlands of northern Wisconsin called the Penokee Hills. The area is home to hardwood forests, rivers and streams, lakes, and wetlands. The land provides crucial habitat to wolves, bald eagles, songbirds, bears, and trout along with many rare plants such as the ram’s head lady slipper orchid. The Penokee Hills are also critical for clean water resources, characterized by a complex hydrology of surface and groundwater that flows into nearby Lake Superior (less than 20 miles away) and t…