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Water In The Anthropocene

Water in the Anthropocene from WelcomeAnthropocene on Vimeo.

Water In The Anthropocene

Humans are now changing the face of Earth and water with detrimental consequences to our survival. As was also reported through many observations we are amplifying the global water cycle through the continued burning of fossil fuels and other actions emitting CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This makes more heat and moisture in the atmosphere thus making more water vapor. Through this amplification we are already experiencing more intense floods and storms as well as more frequent prolonged droughts due to increased evaporation of soil moisture.

All of this culminates in making wet places wetter, dry places drier drastically impacting food security. This connects to global agriculture which already uses 70% of our available fresh water. With climate change, mining, fracking, coastal erosion, subsidence, salt water intrusion and rapacious dam building and coastal construction whic…

New IPCC Report More Sure Of What We Were Already Sure About


See Slideshow Of Dramatic New Data For Yourself

The link above leads you to the recently released IPCC AR5 report. In it is the prognosis for our planet in the coming years... and it isn't good. The carbon budget which I wrote about previously is being expended rapaciously and without concern for the future. However, this is not only the fault of politicians and corporate profiteers. It is our fault collectively. I have pondered and agonized over why we are not seeing real progress towards the clean, healthy truly conscious society we could have. After reading much of this report I can come to only one conclusion: WE are the ones who need to push that change forward. Without us becoming more involved in this process I predict our survival is not assured past this century.

We will continue to see extreme events becoming more extreme and frequent. More heatwaves, more droughts, more sea level rise, more glacier melt. That brings more hunger, displacement, disease and conf…