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September 2013: Fukushima: Getting Worse, Going Out Of Control

UPDATE 10/13/13:

Ten Years Of Fukushima Radiation In The Pacific Ocean (See description at video)

This isn't going away anytime soon. And yet, not a peep about it from the US government.



Please sign this petition to call on the world community to take charge at Fukushima

China Syndrome at Fukushima plant? We are seeing information withheld, misinformation and media black out. The global nuclear industry is covering this up. No other excuse.

I will continue to post about this crisis as the Pacific Ocean is irradiated with no urgency displayed on the part of the world community which is truly chilling.

Please refer to link for Fukushima Diary on the side of this website for updated information.



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Risky Repair Of Fukushima Could Spill 15,000 Times The Radiation Of Hiroshima

Fukushima Reactor 4 today.

Notice that it has no roof. The spent fuel rods (and about 200 “fully loaded” unspent rods — remember th…

Hurricane Sandy: Help Rebuild A Firefighter's Home

Update October 4th: Video reached over 5,200 hits. Thanks to any and all who helped through viewing it here.

Do the KIND Thing: Help Rebuild A Firefighter's Home

From site:

"Thousands of homes destroyed. Millions of lives changed forever. The crazy part? Hurricane Sandy was almost one year ago and lives are still being affected today. Through KIND’s recent partnership with clean water organization, Waves for Water, a light was shone on just how detrimental the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy still is today. John Gelalia’s story is especially powerful. The retired New Jersey firefighter saved countless lives and homes after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on his town and the East Coast. Although John’s own home was thankfully sustained, everything in it was destroyed: his furniture, all of his belongings, flooring, electricity; everything. John was living in FEMA house shelters up until March when, without anywhere else to go, he returned to his completely gutted house where h…

Worrying Molecule Found In Bottled Water

Worrying Molecule Found In Bottled Water

David Bradley

German researchers have used a combination of bioassay work and high-resolution mass spectrometry to pin down the source of endrocrine-disrupting behaviour in 18 bottled water products. Of 24,520 suspect chemicals, the one that showed consistent results across all tests and displayed anti-androgenic and anti-estrogenic activity is di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate (DEHF).

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which interfere with an organism's hormonal systems, have been implicated in developmental and reproductive effects seen in nature and human medicine. More recently, suspicions have been raised that they might also increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Of particular concern and public controversy have been bisphenol A (BPA) and the phthalates, organic compounds that mimic sex hormones.

Martin Wagner and Jörg Oehlmann of the Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, and Michael Schlüsen…

China's Disappearing Rivers: Is Climate Change to Blame?

Renmants of dried up Shiyang River next to coal plant. (More photos at link.)

China's Disappearing Rivers: Is Climate Change to Blame?

China's recently published "water census" shows that as many as 28,000 rivers have vanished from the country since the 1990s. It's a trend, the report suggests, that's likely to continue. But the causes of this problem are a little murkier. The "census" offers no reason for the disappearance of so many water sources.

In some places, like Minqin, where the Shiyang River has run dry, Beijing insists that climate change is to blame. Residents disagree. The government built a sizable upstream reservoir nearby two decades ago to irrigate a large farm. That cut off the water supply for residents.

Regions like Gansu, where Minqin is located, are some of the country's driest. And the government tends to rely on big projects like giant dams and diversion channels to address its water problems. Desperate for growth, off…