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Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Annual Minimum Extent- 6th Lowest Extent Recorded: Deniers Desperate To Spin Even That...

Arctic Sea Ice Recovers To 6th Lowest Extent In Millenia

"A study published in 2010 by 18 leading Arctic experts examined Arctic records throughout geologic history and concluded,

"The current reduction in Arctic ice cover started in the late 19th century, consistent with the rapidly warming climate, and became very pronounced over the last three decades. This ice loss appears to be unmatched over at least the last few thousand years and unexplainable by any of the known natural variabilities."

Thus the scientific data and literature indicate that this year's minimum Arctic sea ice extent is not just the 6th-lowest in the past 34 years, but most likely the 6th-lowest in at least the past few thousand years.

The current Arctic sea ice decline is remarkably rapid, and often referred to as a "death spiral." As Dr. Julienne Stroeve from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) told The Guardian,

"Overall, the Arctic has lost about 40% of its sea…

Fracking And Flooding Don't Mix

Update 9/19: Boulder Flood Relief

Historic Flooding Across Colorado

Such utter devastation. Overwhelming. My thoughts go out to all who lost loved ones. I fear this is definitely becoming all too common.

Our children deserve better than to be told this is just "normal" now.


Fracking And Colorado Flooding Don't Mix

I don't know about you, but these pictures are damned frightening.

However, I'm sure according to the media, politicians cheerleading for fracking (especially in Colorado) and the fossil fuel industry there's nothing to see here.

A one in 100 year flood that should have been considered in the planning regarding fracking and also scientific predictions regarding climate change, yet silence. I guess greed makes you stupid too.

If your drinking water and the water you also need to grow food is poisoned beyond the ability to consume/use it safely you may as well be in a drought.

Of course no planning was necessary. Fossil fuel compani…