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Come Back To The Sea

Take a few moments to appreciate the beauty and splendor of our world of water.

Reflect on its importance to all of our lives regardless of labels.

We are all one in water and we must do better in caring for it.

No more Fukushimas!

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: Carcinogenic Chemical Spreads Beneath Michigan Town

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: Carcinogenic Chemical Spreads Beneath Michigan Town

No, this is not the plot for a new horror film. This horror is a reality. A carcinogenic cloud spreading its toxic tentacles towards a town and its water supply. Put there by other humans seeking profit to poison this planet. Now, years later those people gone, those buildings demolished, yet the memory of what they did remains. This is what first frightened me as a young child so many years ago. This is what I read Silent Spring for and what awakened me at such a young age to a world I could not understand. A world where such human horrors were commonplace and accepted.

I am posting this because it must be known. As we now once again stand on the precipice of what could become a world war in the Middle East, we ignore the chemical threats here in the US. I concede that yes, any chemical attack on innocents is an atrocious crime that should see accountability. So why are those who suffer the relentless po…

The Root Causes Of Violence In Syria: Climate Change And Water: But Let's Bomb The Hell Out Of Them Anyway


In all of the saber rattling and propaganda from governments in a rush to more war that will only result in more suffering these two words, climate change are deliberately being left out of the discussion and the media coverage. Yet, the drying of the Fertile Crescent and the results of it cannot be ignored in discussing what led Syria into the civil war that has now culminated into a tragedy leading us to the precipice.

Refugees Hit 1 Million

How did this happen if so many care so much?

A humanitarian disaster of immense proportions and yet, silence. Why? Because once again the politics takes precedence over the human. Based on all media sources and the actions of Syria's government Assad is an unfit and cruel leader who wields absolute power and we have seen that as exhibited by the accounts of those living there. Unfortunately, the "rebels" taking up arms are no better. Composed of entities seeking only the same power (an…