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Gasland II- Telling Truth About Corporate Crimes Against Our Water And Democracy

Gasland II

In Gasland, film maker and resident of Pennsylvania Josh Fox brought us the truth about the effects of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on our land, water and health. He exposed the corporate deceptions that are poisoning our water and the government collusion involved in covering for them.

In Gasland II he takes it further...

Gasland II premieres on HBO July 8th at 9PM.

Tune in for the truth and share it with all you know.

Fracking must be banned in the US in order to save our water and our health. Oil companies are now using this as a "bridge fuel" to continue their profit gravy train because we have reached Peak Oil. They don't care if it poisons your water. They don't care if it kills your livestock or poisons your farmland. They don't care if they take all the water in drought stricken areas to deny farmers water to grow food. They just want profit. They must not be allowed to continue this assault on our land, our water, our health and …