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Alberta Canada Sees Worst Flooding In Decades/Early Monsoons in Northern India Kill Scores-Many Missing/City Of Lourdes in France Inundated

4 Feared Dead From Alberta Flooding

Four people may have died during Alberta's worst flooding in decades, according to the RCMP.

As Albertans faced more rain Friday, the downpour has left hundreds of homes semi-submerged, lifted railroad tracks and inundated the Calgary Stampede grounds.

At least 75,000 Calgarians have been forced out of their homes and large areas of the city's downtown core were set to be evacuated Thursday afternoon.

Two men were seen floating apparently lifeless in Highwood River, but their bodies have not been found

A woman and her camper were swept away in the Longview area of Highwood River. She has not been seen since.

A third man was seen falling from a canoe on the Highwood River, and it is unclear if he was able to get back into his canoe or make it to shore.

High River is about 60 kilometres south of Calgary.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is urging Calgarians to stay away from the downtown core, where about 350,000 people typically work. Only…

Indigenous Resistance Persists While Brazilian Government Ignores The People

Indigenous Resistance To Belo Monte Dam Persists With No Response From Brazilian Government

"Last week, indigenous groups that occupied the Belo Monte dam site and who traveled to Brasilia to meet with top representatives from the Brazilian government attempted to enter the Presidential Palace to deliver a letter to President Rousseff and were met by a blockade of police. The group remained in the capital after their first encounter with ministers to demand further dialogue and express frustrations with the government's unresponsiveness. After receiving no feedback whatsoever from government representatives, the group occupied the headquarters Brazilian indigenous agency FUNAI on June 10th. They waited an entire day to deliver a letter to FUNAI President Maria Augusta Assirati, who avoided meeting with them, instead sending a note claiming she was "too busy" in another meeting.

Last Tuesday marked one week that the group had remained in Brasilia attempting to dial…