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Ocean Acidification Poised To Radically Affect Arctic

If it isn't enough to now see the Arctic's sea ice melting at an unprecedented pace thus changing the face of a beautiful ethereal segment of our planet as well as our climate balance we now see a new threat emerging with potential far reaching effects for marine life and other species that depend on the intricate yet simple ecosystems of the Arctic to survive. According to a new report released by AMAP (Arctic Monitoring And Assessment Program) Arctic marine waters are "experiencing widespread and rapid ocean acidification." The report also goes on to state "the primary driver of ocean acidification is uptake of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere by human activities."

Arctic Ocean Acidification Assessment -Key Findings

Ocean acidification results from the transformation of rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere converting into carbonic acid in the oceans. This lowers the PH balance of the water making it harder for shellfish to form their shells an…