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Water Most Important Environmental Concern

What do you do during your day that doesn't require it? All life on Earth springs from water and so many abuse it. I believe water must then be declared a global human right to keep it out of the hands of those who would commoditize it at the expense of the poor. Water is part of the commons and therefore belongs to all of us and this Earth. Privatization and pollution now in a world of more extreme and frequent drought, flood and glacial melt due to intensifying effects of climate change will leave us not only water scarce, but food scarce. It is way beyond time to become cognizant of the role we all play in preserving water for us and future generations.

Our Carbon Debt, Our Moral Duty

In explaining the connection between the burning of dirty carbon intensive energy sources and extreme weather the changes regarding fauna, seasons, species, diseases, migration of both humans and other species, biodiversity, sea level, acidification of oceans and most acutely the atmosphere, the economic effects cannot be underplayed. Billions have already been spent as a result of climate disasters within only the last couple of years most recently Hurricane Sandy which cost 65 billion and the year long Midwest/Plains drought that cost 35 billion on top of the 14 billion spent last year due to the effects of extreme climate events in the US alone.

The urgency of addressing this global crisis cannot be made anymore clearer as more and more we see scientific studies corroborating what we have known for decades: humans are making the planet warmer and that warming is now affecting our agricultural output, our economy, our human rights, our productivity, our health and our very live…