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Women Lack Access To Safe Drinking Water/Sanitation

Women Lack Access To Safe Drinking Water

Make no mistake that access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is one of the most important factors regarding economy, health and education in the developing world. And yes, it is also a factor regarding men but for women who suffer from cultural inequality in these areas of the world and who are charged with the rearing of children, farming, household duties, etc. this becomes a much more crucial issue for them and especially for their children. We are now also experiencing more frequent and severe drought, glaciers globally melting faster than predicted that threaten water supplies for billions, landgrabbing and more corporate ownership of the resources necessary for survival and conflicts that threaten access to water and land.

Even now as we enter the 21st Century, as we eclispe the heights of technological genius we still have not found a way to provide safe drinking water to all our people on Earth even though three quarters…