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The Earth Cries

Since Hurricane Sandy hit me right in my soul I have been contemplating the life my child and all our children will live. I have watched as climate change continues to take the lives of people globally. Not long after Hurricane Sandy there was Typhoon Bopha that hit the Philippines with heavier rains in the strongest storm of the year in a country where climate change has been making itself known and a country where its people have been begging the international community to do something about it. 1500 people dead and still hundreds missing. And yet, we continue to sleepwalk.

Extreme rains continue to pummel Britain, Scotland, with major heavy snows in Moscow not seen in decades while people in Southern Europe search for bathing suits due to the warmest temperatures seen at this time of year.

Droughts and floods becoming more extreme, monsoon rains becoming erratic or such deluges due to heavier rains that loss of life is increased while crops decrease. Half the Arctic is missing…