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Drought Leads To Natural Disaster In 26 States

Drought Leads To Natural Disaster In 26 States

A disaster was declared in 26 states due to the extreme drought gripping the US early in the season. This unfortunately is what we are up against at a time when common sense, humanity and sustainable solutions should be the focus. I will be posting more about the drought and other extreme weather events in the coming weeks and by adding to this post.

From the link:

"America declared a natural disaster in more than 1,000 drought-stricken counties in 26 states on Thursday.

It was the largest declaration of a national disaster and was intended to speed relief to about a third of the country's farmers and ranchers who are suffering in drought conditions.

The declaration from the US department of agriculture includes most of the south-west, which has been scorched by wildfires, parts of the midwestern corn belt, and the south-east.

It was intended to free up funds for farmers whose crops have withered in extreme heatwave conditi…