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Climate Change; DON'T KILL AFRICA

Mother Earth is mic-checking US.

THANK YOU to those there speaking out for climate justice!

The people united will never be defeated.

World Bank out of climate finance!
The fact is that climate justice is the farthest thing from the minds of industrialized nations in putting together a climate pact that resembles anything regarding true climate justice and moral courage. Greed, selfishness, geopolitics, intolerance ( yes I can believe a part of this is based on just not wanting to help people of color along with the poor and women) all things that have rotted the governments of these nations to their core. And Americans, our government is one of them. This government and this administration along with others have failed future generations on a huge scale by continuing to serve the status quo that now sees our planet teetering on the edge.

Instead of progress, we get obstruction. Instead of solutions, we get deception. Instead of food sovereignty and recognizing the Rights of Mothe…