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Occupy movement calls for climate justice in Durban-COP17

I stand with the indigenous peoples in Durban and those Occupying Durban speaking out for Climate Justice Now!

We need caps on greenhouse gases that do not strip indigenous and poor people of their cultures, traditions and livelihoods and give them local control of their forests and their water. No REDD mechanism will accomplish what needs to be done now. It needs to be taxed at the source to spur transition, sustainability and responsibility. We need caps that are offset by sustainable agricultural practices, reforestation, agroecology, CO2 sequestration in soil that can remove up to 40% of emissions from our atmosphere and to preserve biodiversity plus a massive move to renewable energy sources.

There are currently more developing nations doing this than rich ones. Where the hell is their moral center? Do they have one? Obviously not. We need to hold polluters accountable through a revenue neutral carbon tax and or the financial markets to a financial transaction tax (and yes again…