Saturday, October 08, 2011

World Energy Use To Double By 2035-Driven By Fossil Fuels In China/India

World Energy Use To Double By 2035-Driven By Fossil Fuels In China/India
"Global energy consumption will increase by 53 percent over the next 25 years to a mind-boggling 225,700 terawatt-hours (770 quadrillion BTUs ) as water- and carbon-intensive fossil fuels continue to dominate the world’s economies, despite the global recession and the strong growth in the renewable sector, according to a new annual report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

About half of the projected increase in energy use will occur in China and India, the world’s first- and third-largest energy consumers, respectively. The two developing economies will account for more than 30 percent of the global energy use during the next two decades.

“China alone — which only recently became the world’s top energy consumer — is projected to use 68 percent more energy than the United States by 2035,” said Howard Gruenspecht, the administrator for the EIA, in a press release.

In general, however, the overall projections made in the EIA report only reflect laws and policies as they stood at the beginning of 2011. In other words, the report does not incorporate prospective legislation — in China, for example — that, together with oil-price volatility and the pace of global economic recovery, could significantly affect energy markets.

Coal Production and Consumption
China relies on coal for about 70 percent of its energy generation, consuming 3.15 billion metric tons (3.5 billion tons) of coal last year. Meanwhile, India has been steadily increasing domestic coal production, its major source of energy, reaching over 500 million metric tons (551 million tons) in 2010.

Though future generation from renewables, natural gas, and nuclear power will largely displace coal-fired production, coal will remain the largest source of world electricity through 2035, particularly in developing nations, according to the EIA projections. China alone will account for 76 percent of the projected increase in world coal use."
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I truly hope this report does not come to pass, because if it does, we will be living in a world of degradation, famine and continuous war. Nothing will change for all of our protests if we do not move towards a clean energy economy now. The same status quo will be in place. Personally, I think we need to be occupying the THE WORLD BANK and the IMF. They are the entities perpetuating global poverty and working to keep us from moving truly forward globally. And China dares to try to outdo us regarding solar energy to make themselves look "green" when they still use mostly coal.

The time is now for us to push off the oil soaked members of Congress who think China has beaten us already and for them to start supporting this country and its people regarding renewable energy! Solar is a rising market despite their BS on Solyndra and their media PR. Oil companies make BILLIONS a yr by destroying and toxifying this planet and killing life and all these traitors in Congress can do now is say "Solyndra?"

Water access and scarcity must also be taken into account here. We simply cannot afford a future where water wasting and polluting fossil fuels remain the only source or primary source of energy or for use in agriculture, especially in countries where the effects of climate change and water shortages are already being felt at the extremes they are now. PRICE FOSSIL FUELS with the indirect costs of it included in the price and see how soon this tide turns.

We are going in the wrong direction!

We must change our perception of this world and our place in it before we can understand just how much is at stake.

This is a MUST SEE documentary in order to understand how important it is to change our perceptions.

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