Friday, March 18, 2011

First Tidal Wave Energy Farm To Be Built In Islay, Scotland

First Tidal Wave Energy Farm To Be Built In Islay, Scotland


"THE world's first tidal power project is to be built in the Sound of Islay, after approval was given by the Scottish Government.
The £40 million scheme will be able to generate electricity for more than 5,000 homes - double the number on Islay.

The ten-turbine, 10MW facility, being developed by ScottishPower Renewables, will further develop emerging tidal energy technology
ADVERTISEMENTand is seen as a forerunner for much larger projects in the Pentland Firth.

Plans are under way to generate 1,600MW of marine energy in the firth, off Caithness, following the world's first commercial wave and tidal leasing round announced last year.

The approval of the Islay scheme was announced yesterday by finance secretary John Swinney, who determined the application as it is in energy minister Jim Mather's Argyll and Bute constituency.

Mr Swinney said it was the world's only project of its kind with consent.

He added: "With around a quarter of Europe's potential tidal energy resource and a tenth of the wave capacity, Scotland's seas have unrivalled potential to generate green energy, create new, low-carbon jobs, and bring billions of pounds of investment to Scotland."

Other Scottish firms in the supply chain are set to benefit from £4m worth of contracts in making the turbines to be used in the development, including manufacture of a prototype at BiFab in Arnish, near Stornoway.

The site in the Sound of Islay, between the island and Jura, was chosen for its strong and predictable tidal flow, while being naturally protected from storms."
The sun, wind and water produce enough energy all around us to provide for our needs for many years to come. Instead, we seek to desimate our natural environment for false choices through drilling her, poking her and sucking her lifeblood out. This to me is insanity and is one reason why the human species will never be at peace on Earth as we have not made peace with her. Ventures such as tidal energy seek to live in harmony with the water and allow her life energy to be used for good. In watching the tragedy and nuclear disaster in Japan unfolding one cannot help but be struck with such a sense of dumbfoundedness in wondering why countries continue to insist on nuclear energy when it is so dangerous to all life on Earth and when there are cleaner, healthier and more sustainable ways to create energy. Kudos to Scotland for seeing the potential of the water, the sun and the wind and for being a country that truly understands what it means to work for a sustainable future.

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