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What does the Arab world do when their water runs out?

What does the Arab world do when their water runs out?


"Water usage in north Africa and the Middle East is unsustainable and shortages are likely to lead to further instability – unless governments take action to solve the impending crisis

• Failure to act on crop shortages fuelling political instability

John Vidal The Observer, Sunday 20 February 2011
Poverty, repression, decades of injustice and mass unemployment have all been cited as causes of the political convulsions in the Middle East and north Africa these last weeks. But a less recognised reason for the turmoil in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan and now Iran has been rising food prices, directly linked to a growing regional water crisis.

The diverse states that make up the Arab world, stretching from the Atlantic coast to Iraq, have some of the world's greatest oil reserves, but this disguises the fact that they mostly occupy hyper-arid places. Rivers are few, water demand is increasing as populations gro…

Please pass this on-Sick children in the Gulf

We must be the media since this has been totally blacked out. BP has killed the Gulf, and now the residents there are feeling the effects of Corexit and the oil which has not all disappeared contrary to what you may have read.

This is criminal. Please pass this on.