Monday, May 31, 2010

Oil still gushes out in the Gulf killing our water

I cannot describe in words to you the pain my soul feels now. I am not even a resident of this area and cannot begin to understand what it is like to lose your livelihood. However, I am a citizen of this world, and a sentient being with a connection to the Earth and a deep appreciation for understanding how it is all connected to us. This hurts us all, and it will affect generations of humans and all species for decades to come. That is why I have been hesitating regarding writing much about this here of late, because it is so emotional for me. To think of the extent of damage environmentally that is now being wrecked upon this area of the world and the ripple effect it will have seems too much to bear.

I don't know how good some of you are at connecting dots in situations, but this is a blatant example of corporate/governmental good ole boy a** covering, and using a situation to its fullest advantage to make a profit. I am going to post an article here that I posted to regarding the dispersant Corexit that is being used by BP in order to illustrate this point. To say these people are not criminals that should be arrested for crimes against nature is to be one devoid of logic and morality. However, knowing the corrupt system we live in I fear it will have to be the people who take matters into their own hands. I truly do wonder though if we have the moral courage to do so now.

The US is addicted to oil, and we need an intervention. I surely thought this would be it. Yet, I still see people pulling into BP stations (shame on you) as if oblivious to the environmental holocaust being perpetrated by BP and their collusion in it by supporting them. And yes I know, oil on the whole is not good and we should be much more vocal about calling for CLEAN, AFFORDABLE, ALTERNATE ENERGY. SO WHY AREN'T WE? I did notice the SUN shining over the toxic oil sheened Gulf for all of these 42 days that this catastrophe has been allowed to continue that could power our lives. I did notice the WIND blowing in offshore breezes that holds the power we need to light our homes. The dichotomy was actually quite sad in seeing the oil soaked marinelife and wildlife struggling to live as well... just "collateral damage" to the bastards looking to now stall for time until AUGUST when their relief wells will supposedly be done, of course, without any guarantee they too will work to stop this bleeding of our Earth.

The Black Tide of the Gulf is our moral ineptitude and apathy laid out in front of us. It is everything we are, and it is also representative of everything we could be as a species if we finally use this disaster to understand our true place in this world. And it is not to be the arrogant all powerful masters we portend to be (and actually suck at.) It is to be a stewardship species that cherishes and respects the resources given to us as gifts and the species that live in sympatico with us. It is about respecting that most precious resource- Water. There will be no explaining ourselves should we fail in seeking justice for our planet and those who cannot speak for themselves. And perhaps for me, to think that after all that has happened that we as a species will not rise to the task is even more heartbreaking. I surely hope I am wrong. Please, let me be wrong.


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