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The Global Water Crisis: Where Is Our Moral Will?

The more I read about this crucial issue the more incensed I become about this global crisis that is totally unnecessary because we have all we need to mitigate it. I also feel disillusioned about a global community that for the most part is not treating this with the urgency it deserves. Do we have to see corpses of children who died as a result of our human behavior before we act? Do we have to actually suffer the consequences before we realize we waited too long? Even though we were warned and have what we need to fix it? If we completely waste the finite freshwater resources we have on this planet we will destroy our own species. The idea that we could actually continue to destroy ourselves by behavior we know is detrimental to our survival is to me truly illogical. We have lost touch with the importance of water, and by doing so have lost respect for it. And that is what in great part is leading us to catastrophe if we do not act boldly now to save it.

Case in point:

In An Inconven…

Guy Laliberte's Water For All, All For Water event from the ISS

Water For All, All For Water

For those who missed the two hour global event, Water For All, All For Water, you can now watch the broadcast in its entirety at the link posted.

It is a beautiful event that makes the importance and spirituality of water so clear. Some of the featured guests are former Vice President, Nobel Laureate Al Gore, Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Wangari Mathaai, and Maude Barlow. Also U2 performs as well as other musical guests from around the world.

It truly puts water into perspective.

You can also pledge support to preserve water at the site as well.