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Species to be relocated as rivers dry up in the UK

Species to be relocated as rivers dry up

Rivers like the Thames and the Severn are predicted to drop between 50-80% in summer months by mid century as climate change takes hold. Conservation now is key to preserving water for the future. According to the Environment Agency's plans however, desalination would have to be implemented down the road along with mandatory water restrictions to meet demand.
Amazingly, this article did not mention that if people didn't demand so much the supply would increase. So again, this goes back to the GHG emissions spewed that contribute to the greenhouse effect that contributes to climate change that contributes to water evaporation in concert with water waste by humans that starts from home consumption and mainly agriculture.
It seems unfortunate to me that people would not be willing to cut their usage voluntarily in order to not see their landscapes dotted with more desalination monstrosities that will only contribute to the very CO2 emissions …