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Protect The Universal Human Right To Water

Protect The Universal Human Right To Water

Holdovers from the Bush administration have taken language to declare water a human right out of the declaration at the World Water Forum in Istanbul. It is a travesty and a nod to corporate profits to do so. Please, if you cherish water and the right of all humans to it take a moment to participate in this action to protect our water as a human right and public trust. We may not be able to be in Istanbul to let our voices be heard, but we can do it from our modems. Tell Congress that the corporate agenda regarding water must give way to a day when water is declared a human right to protect it from corporate greed, pollution, and privitization.

This Sunday March 22nd is World Water Day.

Please take this chance to do something to protect it for all.



Protect our right to water. If you don't speak out, our access to clean, safe, affordable water is at risk.

Many countries around the world already support the human right to water, wh…

Riot police quell protest as World Water Forum opens

Riot police quell protest as Water Forum opens

The World Water Forum, a seven-day arena aimed at addressing the planet's deepening crisis of fresh water, was launched here Monday amid a violent protest broken up by riot police using tear gas.

The forum, held only every three years, will address growing water scarcity, the risk of conflict as countries squabble over rivers, lakes and aquifers, and how to provide clean water and sanitation to billions.

Anti-riot police dispersed some 300 demonstrators against the forum as they headed to the venue buildings, detaining at least 15. The protesters, whose rally had been called by unions, environmentalists, and leftist organisations, responded to tear gas by hurling rocks and beating officers with sticks.

They chanted slogans such as "water is people, it's life, it's not for sale," and "we want to crush this forum which wants to take our water". Heading an appeal for the globe to husband its water resources, Loic …

Chilean Water Rights System Leaves Town Parched

Chilean Water Rights System Leaves Town Parched

Privitization. Not good for our environment. Not good for our economy. Not good for our future. The time has come to fight.


During the past four decades here in Quillagua, a town in the record books as the driest place on earth, residents have sometimes seen glimpses of raindrops above the foothills in the distance. They never reach the ground, evaporating like a mirage while still in the air.

What the town did have was a river, feeding an oasis in the Atacama Desert. But mining companies have polluted and bought up so much of the water, residents say, that for months each year the river is little more than a trickle — and an unusable one at that.
Quillagua is among many small towns that are being swallowed up in the country's intensifying water wars. Nowhere is the system for buying and selling water more permissive than here in Chile, experts say, where water rights are private property, not a public resource, and can be traded…