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Sudan Inaugurates Massive Nile Dam While Committing Genocide

Sudan Inaugurates Massive Nile Dam

As Al Beshir faces an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, he spends his time inaugurating a wasteful dam built for the Westernized rich of Khartoum who don't care about the suffering of their own people in the South, nor those displaced by it.

What the people of Darfur are experiencing at the hands of the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed is nothing less than genocide. And yet, while they deal with a lack of medical assistance, (with aid organizations now being expelled in retaliation) food, water, safety, human rights, and all of the basic neccessities of life, business as usual goes on as if they are but invisible souls damned to walk the barren sand for eternity.

This is a crime beyond human comprehension, and any dam inaugurated by these murderers is only a monument to it. And the fact that the Chinese government provided financial backing for it along with France and Germany shows them as accomp…