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Australian PM Warned Over 'Hell to Highwater State'

Australian PM Warned Over 'Hell to Highwater State'

Global warming/climate change is not only moving at an excelerated pace in Australia but on every other continent including the Arctic. To continue to dispute its presence is to be ignorant of the facts. Scientists around the world have been warning us of the repercussions of denial and apathy for years. These warnings can no longer be ignored. The cost of doing so is too great for the planet as a whole regarding the survival of our species and all others.

So this post is not to once again rehash the same rhetoric about whether it is manmade or not to push a partisan political agenda or grudge. I am SO DONE with that. This post is for serious people who understand the urgency of this crisis and its effects on this planet and our species who actually want to do something about it.

The recent tragedy in Australia regarding wildfires that were the worst ever there and may not be over, had the ground work for their ferocity and trag…