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Facing The Freshwater Crisis

Facing The Freshwater Crisis
By Peter Rogers

Key points:

Global freshwater resources are threatened by rising demands from many quarters.

Growing populations need ever more water for drinking, hygiene, sanitation, food production and industry.

Climate change, meanwhile, is expected to contribute to droughts.

Policymakers need to figure out how to supply water without degrading the natural ecosystems that provide it.

Existing low-tech approaches can help prevent scarcity, as can ways to boost supplies, such as improved methods to desalinate water.
But governments at all levels need to start setting policies and making investments in infrastructure for water conservation now.

A friend of mine lives in a middle-class neighborhood of New Delhi, one of the richest cities in India. Although the area gets a fair amount of rain every year, he wakes in the morning to the blare of a megaphone announcing that freshwater will be available only for the next hour. He rushes to fill the bathtub and other re…

20 Questions: Freshwater

Test your knowledge of freshwater

So many take water for granted in their everyday activities. Take this test to find out how much you know about freshwater usage.