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The Right To Water For Women

The Right To Water And Women

My comments:

The responsibility of women and girls in being the sole gatherers of water for their families is taking a great toll on them in Africa, South America, and India. Not much attention is paid to this, but it is an integral part of the socio-economic problems that keep them in poverty, uneducated, and feeling their hope dissipated.

In many parts of the world it is simply expected that women will do these kinds of tasks and in the case of water gathering, it is a task that presents health concerns and security concerns.

Therefore, it is integral to any convention on water rights to address the rights of women particularly to have the right to an education and not be chained to fetching water 6 hours a day, many times under dangerous conditions and in ways that impair their rights to an education and a healthy lifestyle.

The 21st Century needs to see a great change not only in water policy for the sake of all and our planet, but also for the sake of huma…