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Water War Between Georgia And Tennessee?

Drought-stricken Georgia eyes Tennessee's border -- and river water

The borderline between Northern Georgia and Southern Tennessee that separates the Tennessee River is under dispute due to Georgia claiming the borderline originally was meant to be higher, thus giving Georgia rights to the Tennessee River as well. Legislators in Georgia hope to remedy that to allow thousands of gallons of the Tennessee River to flow to drought stricken Georgia.

However, the Tennessee legislature and some Tennesseans are determined to not allow it to happen, even to the point of some residents claiming they will buy guns and shoot their rifles off if any encroachment occurs.

Are we seeing the making of a water war in the Southwest due to the drought? And in perspective, is it really so hard to come to some sort of understanding between states to provide water for residents of this country who are suffering from a drought? Should the border be moved, or does the human right to water supercede boundar…