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1 Billion Dollar Deal Would Scrap Klamath Dams

Iron Gate Reservoir

This will be the largest dam removal project in American history and if approved will hopefully work to restore salmon stocks and other species to the Klamath Basin after almost a century and also restore treaty rights to the Native American tribes that live there. Of course, there will be disagreements as to how much farmers will take to use for irrigation purposes and whether that in and of itself threatens salmon species and cultural traditions, but hopefully an agreement can be made to respect the cultural diversity of this area as well as the farmers and the water.

This proposal has yet to be approved by Federal authorities, so we shall see where it goes. I personally will be happy to see all of these dams removed as their presence in this area has done much to deteriorate not only other species, but water flow and water quality thus causing ill health to the inhabitants there while disrespecting their tribal traditions and their love for the land. As for the fu…