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Give The Gift of Water and Save A Life

Water Partners International: Thank You for Making this “Historic Moment” in Hile Village Possible

This is of course not something we should only think about or do during a holiday season, but it is something that those looking for an honorable and effective way to help this world should think about. Water is a basic essential of life. What better time of the year to think of this than at the time when we celebrate life and peace?

The link above leads to a story about people saved by mine and others' contributions. They now have potable water and their quality of life has improved greatly. This is the difference and impact one person can make upon this world. Therefore, at this time of year when our thoughts should most assuredly turn to peace, love, and those less fortunate who need the opportunity to have a better life, Water Partners International is one organization on the top of my list.

To see children able to attend school because they don't have to fetch dirty diseased wa…